The economy in Rotterdam is growing. That is a good thing! But with the growth of the economy, the pressure on traffic and air quality in the city is also increasing. With the initiative, Green Deal 010 Zero Emission City Logistics: in short, Green Deal 010, we are working on sustainable solutions with which we want to make a permanent improvement to the air quality in the city. We are doing this in collaboration with TNO, Ecostars and six regional transport companies. The ultimate goal of Green Deal 010: in 2020, the transport and logistics sectors will no longer be allowed to emit harmful gases in the centre of Rotterdam.

A special collaboration

In October 2014, the municipality of Rotterdam, TNO and six transport companies in the Rotterdam region signed an agreement. In the agreement that bears the name, Green Deal 010 Zero Emission City Logistics, we agreed that the logistics in the centre of Rotterdam is to be 100% emission-free by 2020. In this way, we improve air quality and, at the same time, ensure the quality of life in Rotterdam.

Front runners in clean logistics

The municipality is working, within Green Deal 010, along with six regional transport companies: DHL, Van der Heijden & ZN, Getru Bedrijven, Roadrunner courier services, Klok and Post Kogeko. The municipality considers these companies to be front runners in the field of clean logistics. For example, Van der Heijden uses an electric truck, DHL is testing how far it can go with the cargo bike and Getru reduces, with clever technique, truck fuel consumption. A detailed description of these innovative projects is available < here>.

A nationwide initiative

Alongside of Green Deal 010, there is also a nationwide programme, Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics. The national objective is almost the same as that of Rotterdam. The only difference is that the national programme is based on zero emission in 2025. In Rotterdam, the front runners have stated that they plan to go for zero emission in 2020. That is five years sooner. And, since transport is a major air polluter in Rotterdam, there is certainly a great deal to be gained. Every individual entrepreneur can change all that and gain competitive advantage at the same time.

How do we achieve zero emission in 2020?

The Green Deal 010 initiative challenges entrepreneurs to actively contribute to emission-free logistics in the inner city. By logistics, we mean freight traffic for and by businesses, such as supplying stores, package and delivery services, waste management, servicing and installation services. With emission free, we mean 100 % electric or other forms of emission free, to the extent that the technology and business case allows for the specific type of vehicle. This means that, on the one hand, you, as a company, can choose to replace your vehicles with electric cars or vans. On the other hand, you could use other logistics concepts: for example, collaborating with other transport companies with emissions-free concepts.

We need you!

Green Deal 010 revolves around collaboration and networking. This means, working together for clean air and sharing knowledge about smart solutions. So: are you an entrepreneur in the transport or logistics sector and active in Rotterdam? Do you use city logistics in Rotterdam? Are you looking for smart solutions, ideas or cooperation? And would you also support an emission-free city in 2020 and a healthier environment for all Rotterdam residents? Register now with Green Deal 010..