It is easy to say that your company takes sustainability into account, but can your clients be certain? You can do that with ECOSTARS. This is a European qualification system for sustainable transport of cargo and people. The City of Rotterdam has been part of the ECOSTARS programme since 2013. In this, the municipality is unique in The Netherlands.


The European Union launched the ECOSTARS programme in 2009. Seven European cities and regions took part in the programme. Besides Rotterdam, these included South Yorkshire (England), Cantabria (Spain) and Parma (Italy). The European project ended in May 2014 and is now being continued with the support of the City of Rotterdam.

Who can join ECOSTARS?

ECOSTARS is a programme for all national and international freight and passenger carriers in The Netherlands. Whether they are in the public sector or small independent carriers. Freight transport includes vans and trucks, while passenger transport includes buses, touring cars and minibuses.

How does ECOSTARS work?

Through the ECOSTARS programme, carriers can earn stars for sustainable operations. That often begins with free advice on how to they can conserve (more) fuel. Based on the number of stars, customers can quickly and easily see how clean and sustainable a carrier operates. The maximum score is 5 stars. Besides conservation of fuel, a carrier with 5 stars will also enjoy good publicity. As a result, they will be more noticeable to potential customers. Above all, carriers with many stars will have a competitive advantage in the city for assignments commissioned by the municipality.

Hundreds of certificates in Rotterdam

Meanwhile, in Rotterdam, more than a hundred ECOSTARS certificates have been issued. There are currently 34 companies with 5 stars. Organisations that improve their operations to be more environmentally friendly can request a new evaluation and thus gain an extra star. In this way, transport companies and other carriers in Rotterdam are ultimately working its way towards five stars for sustainability.

More information and registering

Transport companies in Rotterdam can register voluntarily for the ECOSTARS programme. An audit is carried out to determine how sustainable a company operates. Would you like more information about ECOSTARS? Then send an email to Are you ready to register directly? You can do so with the following steps:

1. Contact us via and include in the subject of the email ‘Register ECOSTARS’.

2. Our advisors will make an appointment with you to visit your company and conduct the audit. During the audit, they will collect all the necessary information about your business.

3. When all of the information for your company is complete, the audit will generate a score, expressed in number of stars.

4. Your company profile and your star score will be published on our website. Additionally, you will receive advice about how you can earn more stars.